Re-claiming PPI with Claims Advisory Group

A successful resolution for a Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) claim is never guaranteed, however by contacting Claims Advisory Group you will have a team of professional PPI experts working as hard as they can to get you the best resolution possible. Claims Advisory Group is one of the leading companies in recovering unfair charges from financial companies – such as banks building societies and other lenders.

With a large team of negotiators, Claims Advisory Group is well placed to advise you on your compensation claims for mis-sold financial products and can help to bring a swift resolution to any PPI claim.

By contacting us on 08081 689063, or by filling the online contact us form, Claims Advisory Group will ensure that one of our expert claim professionals will get back to you to help and advise you on claiming back mis-sold PPI. Claims Advisory Group can help even if you want to reclaim PPI on a loan or credit card you no longer have, as you may still be able to claim back. At Claims Advisory Group we will ensure that your PPI claim is dealt with smoothly, efficiently and in a professional manner.

Many lenders set aside funds for claim resolution pay-outs but despite this it can still be difficult convincing a lender the correct result of your claim resolution. There are certain things you can do to give yourself a greater chance of successful claim resolution. In order to determine the grounds for your claim and gain a successful claim resolution we will need to understand the details of your claim.

For a claim resolution to be in your favour it is vital that Claims Advisory Group can demonstrate that the PPI was mis-sold. There are many ways that you could have been mis-sold the policy, such as if you were not made aware that PPI was included, or that you were told that PPI was compulsory, or if your circumstances meant you couldn’t make a claim (many policies had exclusions and exemptions so  if you were self-employed or if you had an existing medical condition you couldn’t claim).

Claims Advisory Group

Claims Advisory Group helps people like you to reclaim the PPI that is rightfully yours. Since our launch in 2007 we have reclaimed compensation for thousands of clients and currently we claim back over £2m a month in PPI refunds. We work on a “No win, No fee*” basis, so if you are not successful with your claim you will have no fees to pay, so why not give us a call on 08081 689063 to see if we can help you make a successful claim.


Claims Advisory Group
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